• The Hagy Family
    Lead Pastor, Vision, Teaching

    Chuck, Tara, Abby, Emma, Ellie, and Josie make up the Hagy Family.  They were the original church planters way back in 1997.  Chuck and Tara serve together as lead pastors at Journey.  Their daughter Abby helps coordinate the children's ministry.  They all have an incredible passion to see God's love transform the world and their community.  
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  • The Schultz Family
    Connection, Counseling, MAS Mail

    Bill, Merri Anne, Phillip, Leslie, Hallie, and Greggory make up the Schultz family.  Merri Anne, also known as MAS around here, serves in the areas of connection and care here at Journey.  She will sometimes do counseling if there is a need, and she can also be found at the door greeting you on Sunday mornings.  MAS also coordinates the weekly email (Journey Connect) that goes out.  If you aren't signed up to get it, you probably should...it's a huge mode of communication between the staff and the church body.  
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  • The Gibbs Family

    Rob Gibbs has faithfully served as the overseer of finance at Journey for many years.  He and his family have been a huge part of the Journey family over the years.
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  • Nate and Cassie Johnson
    Worship Ministry

    Nate and Cassie serve as part of the worship team leadership at Journey.  
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  • The Leonetti Family
    JSM Coordinators

    Tom and Kimberly serve on the JSM team.  They are an intregal part in coordinating for the JSM Conferences.

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  • The Bryant Family
    Sound Tech/JSM Administrator

    Billy Bryant is the Sound Technician for Journey.   His wife Brenda is the Aminstrator for JSM.
    Both have served at Journey since "Back in the Day!"

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  • Hosanna Swartz
    Children's Ministry

    Hosanna helps coordinate children's ministry.  She and her family have become an awesome part of the Journey family.
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  • Abby Hagy
    Children's Ministry

    Abby also helps to coordinate the children's ministry here at Journey.  She has a tremendous heart for all the kids we have running around this place!  
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