Foundations of Kingdom Culture

"A Culture of Generosity"   Week One
4/17/16,  Pastor Chuck


   Week Two
5/1/16,  Pastor Chuck

 Reference Verses

Luke 14: 1-15

   Week Three
5/8/16,  Pastor Chuck

 Reference Verses

I Timothy 2:9
Acts 16:19-39
Phillippians 2:3-11

   Week Four
5/15/16,  Pastor Chuck


Chuck gave us a picture that captures what he believes is God’s vision for Journey.
We should be a church that operates in three positions:
IN – Within the church family God’s presence generates a culture of honor and unity. Words of life are spoken over one another.          
OUT – We go outinto the world and do the same thing—treat people with love and honor so they can see Jesus. 
UP – IT’S ALL ABOUT THE PRESENCE OF GOD—this never changes.
The IN and OUT flow from the position of UP—the foundation of everything we do.
In this place we see the reflection of God’s heart through love, generosity, honor, compassion, etc.


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