8/10/14 - Pastor Chuck

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August 17, 2014

Matthew 25:31-4

Matthew 9:9-13

It was the simplicity of the Gospel message that seemed to move Chuck the most when he watched Heidi and Rolland Baker in action at the interdenominational mission, Iris Ministries, which they founded in Mozambique in 1980. They live out daily the commandments Jesus gave to all Believers:  Love the Lord God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and love others.  The whole mission base worships for hours at a time, all day long.  Heidi goes to the village every day, which is not a small task considering the trip there and back. She feeds the poor, loves on the children, spends time with the village “mamas” sharing about Jesus and encouraging them in their lives of taking care of so many.  Heidi’s philosophy is that she must “stop for the one” rather than becoming overwhelmed thinking about all of the people that need to be reached.  She believes it is important to focus on those who are in front of her, and then one by one, others will come face to face with the love of Jesus.Keeping the Gospel simple is a message that transcends cultural barriers.  Unfortunately, the Church as a whole has made it very difficult for people to find Jesus.  It has made it too hard for people to measure up to the expectations of living a perfect life.  Jesus took care of that on the cross.  Discovering a life with Christ should be like a ladder—taking it one step at a time.  The legalistic church is like the side of the ladder that is missing rungs, making it difficult to get to the top. When we are judging and non-accepting, the Gospel is not digestible to those who need God so badly.  We all must acknowledge at some point that we are broken and need His transformation in our lives; that means going deeper with Him.  Being transformed by God enables us to love others and ourselves like Christ.  It requires pushing away from the things that keep us from having an intimate relationship with Him, and following Him so that we can impact the world. This is the simplicity of the Gospel.



August 24, 2014



 September 7, 2014

Matthew 11:28-29
Romans 3:21-26
Matthew 7:24-27
Ephesians 3:14-20



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