The Tabernacle of David


Created for Worship  -  Week One
June 8, 2014   Pastor Chuck


Bringing Home the Arc  -  Week Two
June 15, 2014   Pastor Chuck

 David Understood that we all need God's Presence.

"All Creation Sings"  -  Week Three
June 22, 2014   Pastor Chuck

 Worship:  An attitude of the heart that acknowledges the existance of God in every area of life.

Verses:   Psalms 148.1-14, Amos 9:11=12, Roamans 8:19-21. Luke 19:37-40

The following is a  link for the "Amazing Resonance Experience" shown after the sermon:
Highlight the link and right click on it and choose the goto . . . option and it will take you to the video.

"The Heart of Worship"  -  Week Four
June 29, 2014   Pastor Chuck

Worship is "Spiritual Warfare"

Verses:   Psalms 66:2. Psalms 63:5, Psalms 100: 1-5,  Psalms 103:1-5, I Kings 18: 27-29,  


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